Press Release: MISSION Launch Summer 2019

Written by: Tom Whittle 15 July 2019

World Record Runner Launches MISSION - High Performance Teas for Optimal Performance 

A new range of tea is aiming to help office workers and athletes fuel their extraordinary. The company was founded by Tom Whittle, who fuelled his own mission with tea when cycling the length of South America unsupported in 2017. Struggling with the spikes and slumps of coffee and sugar based energy drinks, he turned to local Argentinian yerba mate, associated with a slower release of energy. 

Arriving back in the UK he then teamed up with nutritionists and master tea blenders to create a new range of teas to support him on an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the fastest run across Iceland, completing 17 marathons in 10 days. The teas worked for Tom and with a new world record, the brand launched on return. 

As well as helping to fuel people’s extraordinary side, MISSION aims to help UK consumers find healthier alternatives to coffee and energy drinks. The NHS recommends taking no more than 400mg of caffeine and 30g of sugar per day. Just one Starbucks blond roast coffee has 475mg of caffeine, whilst a Redbull contains 26g of sugar. By comparison, MISSION’s tea range contains up to 19mg of caffeine and 0g of sugar, looking at natural plant based ingredients as a source of energy. Read more about this topic over on our Blog

The company initially launched in 2018 as Athletic Tea Co. but they now aim to capture a wider audience. Tom Whittle explained that “most of our customers were drinking our teas at their desk as an alternative to coffee or sugar based energy drinks. Whilst keeping a range of teas for athletes, we’re also now satisfying customer demand for improved focus, decreased stress and improved sleep”. 

The new MISSION website also creates custom built boxes for the customer depending on their needs. The products, ranging from Energy Cocoa + Ginger Biodegradable Teabags to Sleep Turmeric + Lavender Matcha sachet sticksThis month we are offering an introductory pack of 3 teas for £12.