How To Improve your Quality of Sleep

Posted By Yasmin Li

Feeling restless? Struggling to sleep?

For many of us during the last couple of years, there has been a huge shift in the importance of our health and wellbeing. We all have times where we experience a bad night's sleep, and after speaking to our most loyal customers and friends, this confirmed why our award-winning Sleep blend is one of our most beneficial products in the range.

This caffeine free blend is designed to improve the quality of sleep as an essential element of performance and general wellbeing.

Here’s some information about the main ingredients in our Sleep blend backed by science. For all references and more information see our product page here.

South African Rooibos Matcha

Rooibos is derived from a South African shrub not containing traditional tea leaves or, consequently, any caffeine. It contains powerful antioxidants that protect cell membranes and has been shown to significantly decrease inflammation, easing tension, especially around the stomach. A full-bodied post-performance indulgence.


Turmeric reduces inflammation, lowers your blood sugar levels, helps your liver to detoxify, boosts your immune system and eases your digestive system – all of which help you to get to sleep faster, to sleep better, and to wake up feeling refreshed.


Ginger is known to aid digestion and associated with decreased muscle soreness from exercise due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Gingerol, the bioactive substance in fresh ginger, can also help lower the risk of infections.

Ginkgo Biloba

When taken 30-60 minutes before bed, Ginkgo Biloba supplements have been shown to reduce stress and enhance relaxation.

Hemp Protein

Known for being easily digestible in comparison to whey, Hemp Protein is an excellent aid for both vegan and non-vegan athletes.


Researchers have monitored sleep cycles with brain scans and found that Lavender increased slow-wave sleep, instrumental for slowing heartbeat and relaxing muscles.