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Meet the Athletes

We're proud that Mission products are used on a daily basis by various high performers. No one is paid - they use the products because they genuinely work.

Emily Borthwick


“On my “mission” to Tokyo both the energise and perform teas helped in preparation for my key training sessions. I love drinking Recover after a long day at the track. I’m so excited to work with Mission and keep jumping to higher heights!

Image: Instagram / em.borth”

Alice Dearing


“Instead of only having a boost for an hour or so like other caffeinated products give, Mission teas give a balanced flow of energy – of which I can still feel the effects hours after consuming. And it’s great you’re able to take them hot or cold."

Image: Instagram / alicedearingx.

Ian Marsden


“I don't like any other caffeine or sports energy drinks that you get and Mission's products give you a slow release of energy with no crash at the end. I'd definitely recommend these teas, you can have them hot and cold which is a great advantage especially when I'm out training on the water.”

Alicia Wilson


“My favourite is definitely the Recover, aside from the great taste and flavour, I love the natural anti-inflammatory effects that it has and it has allowed me to hit training so hard in the run-up to this Olympics.”

Image: Instagram / alicawilson2000

Saskia Tidey

GB Sailor

“I prefer Mission teabags in cold water, one of my favourites is Perform - I use the teas primarily for their natural energy release throughout the day.”

Jamal Rhoden Stevens

GB 400m

“I would definitely recommend Mission to other athletes. I drink the tea throughout the day as it gives me a slow, steady release of energy - crucial when you train 2-3 times a day.”

Dan Wallace


“I use Mission daily. They taste fantastic and my sleep has really improved and I feel recovered and ready each morning because of this. Athletes often pump themselves full of high sugar and highly caffeinated products to feel energised. There are now some really great natural ways to get yourself ready for the day ahead."

Image: Instagram / danwallace93

Neah Evans


“With Mission I feel energised but I don’t get the crash associated with so many products on the market. I also like that the tea bags are plastic free - it’s a small thing but I believe it helps make a small impact and also helps raise awareness that more everyday products should be."

Image: Instagram / neah.evans

Seonaid McIntosh


“I really love the diversity of the Mission teas. Hot or cold depending on how I’m feeling, they all taste good either way and are easy on the tummy. The Energise and Perform have been my favourite so far giving me energy without the usual highs and lows of sugary or caffeinated drinks. I love that it’s all eco-friendly too."

Image: Instagram / minimac_400

Jamie Webb


“I incorporated Mission into my routine while training for the World Championships and will definitely continue to use Mission while training for the upcoming Olympics."

Image: Instagram / jamiewebb800

Joe Litchfield


“My favourite is the Recover tea, personally I use it for recovery but also the berry taste, it's the best one out there, get out there and try it - it's definitely worth a go!"

Image: Instagram / joelitchfield_

Heather Knight


“I take Mission throughout the day, everyday, hot or cold. Aids my performance and it’s the tastiest tea I’ve ever had - a no brainer to use as part of my routine."

Image: Instagram / heatherknight55

Eiligh McIntyre MBE


I love being able to take a moment have a great cup of tea and know I'm not only doing the best thing for my training but also taking the time to switch off. "

Image: Instagram / mcintyreeilidh

Lauren Bate


“A big benefit of Mission for me is that it’s easy on my gut, especially before any big training sessions but I also love how refreshing they are and I feel like they provide a much more stable boost of energy as opposed to the spike I would get from multiple coffees!"

Image: Instagram / laurenbatee

Nick Butter


“I always start the day with an Energise, cocoa + ginger - you can actually taste the chocolate and it provides a buzz without the crash! I love the philosophy of using less sugar for energy. We’re drinking far too much of it in energy drinks. ."

Image: Instagram / nickbutterrun

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