"If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together."

“Mission began as our Founder Tom explored some of the world’s most incredible natural landscapes; the teas he would go on to create work the way they do because of the natural gifts our ingredients provide. Mission is rooted in nature and we want to work as hard as possible to help preserve it."


“For both people + planet, we’ve placed sustainability and strong ethics at the heart of our business. Coming up against the unsustainable status quo led by heavyweights in our industry, we’re committed to forever doing better and pushing harder for positive change.”


Gavin Youll, COO/CFO

What we're doing now


Making our packaging more environmentally-friendly is a major focus for Mission. A huge milestone on this journey was moving to plastic-free teabags made from 100% biodegradable cornstarch. Right now, we’re in the process of another milestone and trialling fully compostable packaging. When it comes to the ingredients we use, we will only source from individually-assessed estates and farms where sustainability standards are taken seriously.


We create teas that empower Mission drinkers to feel better and go further, and we care an awful lot about the people behind them. We do our utmost to ensure that our Mission HQ team come to work each day feeling extraordinary: all employees receive £200 wellness and learning budgets every month to put towards their mental + physical health, the development of different skills and the reaching of new goals. And rest assured, we’re just as serious about the social standards of our suppliers as we are their environmental ones.


As we grow as a business and as a team, representation within our staff + shareholders is a key priority – especially as we look to the future. The creation of Mission’s first board of directors in 2021 was a key moment in improving our governance as a business – evidencing the value we place in balanced and diverse views and objectives as we grow into the future.

"We pledge to be completely single-use plastic free by July 2022"

What we’re changing


First up, obtaining B Corporation certification! This has been a long process but we're excited to be well on our way and will continue to strive for this accreditation! We’re pledging to be free of single-use plastics before July 2022 and also committing to printing far fewer physical flyers and leaflets, instead using QR codes and digital versions; Mission merchandise is a big hit but it can be more sustainable – we want to make that happen in 2022


2024 may be quite far away for now, but we know exactly what we want to achieve by then – for Mission to be a carbon neutral business. A lot needs to change for that to happen, but we’ve got time and the desire to get it done.

"We pledge to be carbon negative by 2024"

Get in touch

Do you have an idea on how we can do things better? An initiative in mind that we can support? Do you think you can help us achieve our goals better?


Get in touch to tell us about it!


Either email hello@missionuk.com or send us a message on Instagram.

"We know we're not perfect but we are commited to making a positive impact and making a change to our planet + people"

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