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We believe anyone can achieve something extraordinary. You just have to think sustainably. Our blends are designed to be taken as a replacement to energy products, coffees and regular teas.

What tea is right for me?

Beat the coffee crash

Energise: Cocoa + Ginger

Pre or mid workout drink for a slow, sustainable boost

Perform: Lemongrass + Mint

Get hydrated with 100% natural electrolytes

Endure / Hydrate: Orange + Maca

Soothe mind + body with natural anti-inflammatories

Recover: Berry + Ashwagandha

Optimise your sleep + wake up refreshed

Sleep: Turmeric + Lavender

The perfect alternative to

Energy Products

Most energy products contain the full NHS RDA of sugar (30g) in one serving. Through a high amount of sugar and artificial ingredients, common energy products do create a spike in energy levels. However, this is soon followed by a ‘sugar crash’ due to the amount of insulin the body produces in response to the large intake of sugar. Mission uses 100% natural, sugar free ingredients to create a slow, sustainable release of energy.

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The NHS recommends we take no more than 300mg of caffeine per day although most of the nation is exceeding this (a Starbucks can contain 375mg of caffeine), suffering energy loss as a result. Around an hour after we take caffeine, our brain is flooded with adenosine, creating the dreaded ‘caffeine crash’. Mission has focused on using low-caffeine blends (between 0 and 19mg of caffeine) for a slow, steady release of energy.

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Regular Tea

Whilst other premium tea brands can offer some of the benefits of avoiding the crash, we have gone further to create a tea for someone who is performance focused. We are the only tea brand to have paid for testing on the exact amount of caffeine in each blend. We have also worked with sports scientists, Oxford researchers and the ex Master Blender of a major UK tea company to create a range of blends that are fully focused on results. That’s why we are used by over 50 GB athletes on a daily basis.

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All Day Routine

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Recover: Berry + Ashwagandha

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Mission is used by high performance individuals around the world, including hundreds of professional athletes. No athletes are paid - they use the products because they genuinely work.


“I feel brighter and more alert when having Mission’s slow release energy teas and don’t get the same caffeine crash as I would with coffee. It’s also great to chill out with a cup of tea and be maximising recovery at the same time.”

Adelle Tracy

GB 800m, Training for Tokyo 2021

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“I would definitely recommend Mission to other athletes. I drink the tea throughout the day as it gives me a slow, steady release of energy - crucial when you train 2-3 times a day.”

Jamal Rhoden Stevens

GB 400m, Training for Tokyo 2021

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“I always start the day with a cocoa + ginger - you can actually taste the chocolate and it provides a buzz without the crash! I love the philosophy of using less sugar for energy. We’re drinking far too much of it in energy drinks.”

Nick Butter

Record Marathon Runner, A Marathon In Every Country In The World

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A new world record and over £100,000 raised for charity.

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