Experiencing the sudden crash from sugar based energy drinks and coffees on our own endurance adventures, we saw the need for a more sustainable solution.

MISSION is a range of hot and cold brew teas designed to create a slow release of energy, pushing you beyond your limits.

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Mission Tea

Adelle Tracy
GB 800m

Training for Tokyo 2020

“I feel brighter and more alert when having MISSION’s slow release energy teas and don’t get the same caffeine crash as I would with coffee. It’s also great to chill out with a cup of tea and be maximising recovery at the same time.”

Mission Tea

Dan Wallace
GB Swimmer

Olympic Silver Medalist, World & Commonwealth Champion

“I use MISSION daily. They taste fantastic and my sleep has really improved and I feel recovered and ready each morning because of this. Athletes often pump themselves full of high sugar and highly caffeinated products to feel energised. There are now some really great natural ways to get yourself ready for the day ahead.”

Mission Tea

Lauren Bate
GB Racing Cyclist

Training for Tokyo 2020

“A big benefit of MISSION for me is that it’s easy on my gut, especially before any big training sessions but I also love how refreshing they are and I feel like they provide a much more stable boost of energy as as opposed to the spike I would get from multiple coffees!”

Mission Tea Mission Tea
Mission Tea
“A healthier and more natural alternative to other caffeinated drinks - you have to check these out!”
Mission Tea
“Used by various elite sports teams, including Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, GB Triathlon and the Welsh Rugby Union.”
Mission Tea
“Great Taste Awards gold star for both Matcha Powders and Biodegradable Tea Bag categories. Simply delicious.”
Mission Tea
“Awarded Best Value Nutrition Brand 2018 and 2019.”
Mission Tea
Awarded Best Sports Nutrition Product 2019.

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