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Beat the
caffeine crash.
Fuel your Extraordinary.

Try our 100% natural,
hot + cold brew tea.

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Solving the world's caffeine problem

Problem: high caffeine drinks give us amazing spikes but tragic slumps, decreasing overall physical + mental performance.

Solution: Mission’s drinks create long lasting, sustainable energy for you to become your best.

4.7 Star Rated on
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Sustained Energy

Mission blends are sugar free. Our caffeinated blends are high in L-Theanine, which slows the rate at which we process caffeine. This results in a much calmer, focused mood + the feeling of a natural energy boost.
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Natural Performance

100% natural ingredients. Unprocessed, zero sugar, no preservatives, synthetic additives or sweeteners. Entirely plastic-free tea bags, produced by hand in England.
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Tested + Proven

Built with leading nutritionists and master tea blenders, Missions blends have been tested in controlled academic studies, fuelled 17 world-record marathons and utilised across elite level sport.

Meet the Athletes

Trusted by over 100 international athletes and premier league football teams. Meet the growing community choosing to swap sugar highs and caffeine crashes for the science-led, 100% natural alternative fuel.

Alice Dearing

GB Swimmer
Instead of only having a boost for an hour or so like other caffeinated products give, Mission gives a balanced flow of energy – of which I can still feel the effects hours after consuming. And it’s great you’re able to take them hot or cold.

Saskia Tidey

GB Sailor
I prefer Mission in cold water, one of my favourites is Perform - I use the drinks primarily for their natural energy release throughout the day and as a healthy alternative from sugary energy drinks.

Jamal Rhoden-Stevens

GB Athlete
I would definitely recommend Mission to other athletes. I drink the tea throughout the day as it gives me a slow, steady release of energy - crucial when you train 2-3 times a day.

Benefits of Daily use

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Using amino acids L-theanine and theobromine, the caffeine in our blends is released slowly into the bloodstream. This means no spike or crash, just 100% natural, consistent energy levels.

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Relying on less caffeine and sugar throughout the day helps to keep your sleep/wake cycle balanced. For even better results, our Sleep blends, made with traditional sleep remedies + anti-inflammatory ingredients.

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Your body is enough, let nature help you prove it. We only use 100% natural ingredients that are totally unprocessed. No preservatives, synthetic additives or sweeteners.

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Keep pushing yourself without harm to the people + planet around you. Our entirely plastic-free teabags are produced by hand in England , without a single plastic bottle in sight.

Take Hot

Infuse in boiling water.
Brew for 3-5 minutes.

Take Cold

Throw into a bottle + shake.
Leave longer for a stronger flavour.

How a Measured
Approach to Caffeine
Beats the Crash

find out more

How Our
Story Began

After suffering caffeine + sugar crashes during a charity bike ride across South America, our founder Tom discovered the energising effect of yerba maté.

Inspired by the impact he felt, Tom worked with nutritionists, sport scientists + master blenders to develop a range of all-natural performance drinks. Each recipe was put to the test. After a new Guinness world record and £100,000 raised for charity, Mission was born.

What Our Customers Say

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Amber Keegan

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I used to think that without a coffee to power me through long training days I would really struggle, but I’ve been proved wrong by having that sustained energy throughout the day

Chris Jervis

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After giving Mission a go, I felt more productive with my work, revitalised by more stable energy levels and found myself no longer needing to take afternoon naps. I’ll continue to drink Mission and believe it will be a great addition to my day-to-day routine when I start as a junior doctor next year.


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I have hydrate powder as a cold brew. Later on I will have another tea in 500ml cold water as my evening drink. Depends how I am feeling as to which one. The Recover works best for me in carbonated water with a few frozen raspberries. Love the newsletters and the info sheet in the lovely box my teas arrive in…your team rocks and keep on doing this it works!

“The most innovative products on the market”

“Sports nutrition product of the year”

“Say goodbye to the caffeine crash”

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