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This January we’re asking you to take part in our #nocoffeechallenge - 14 days of replacing your usual coffee with MISSION. Use the code NCC at checkout for 15% off all orders and subscriptions.



Written by: Tom Whittle 02 January 2020


This January we’re asking you to take part in our #nocoffeechallenge - 14 days of replacing your usual coffee with MISSION. Use the code NCC at checkout for 15% off all orders and subscriptions.



To increase energy levels and performance! When we drink a large amount of caffeine, dopamine is released into our brain (making us feel great!). However, this blocks something called our adenosine receptors. A steady flow of adenosine keeps the body calm. When we take coffee, adenosine is blocked for around one hour but then rushes back into the brain, making us feel sleepy - this is what is commonly known as the “caffeine crash”.

MISSION’s combination of low caffeine and L-theanine (not present in coffee) has a significant effect on human brain function, leading to optimal alertness and performance. While the caffeine stimulates, the amino acid, L-theanine, works to slow down the absorption of it - lengthening the period of improved focus, awareness and, ultimately, energy. 

Expected results?

Last year over 100 customers tried our #nocoffeechallenge

  • 90% of customers reported an improvement in energy levels;
  • 80% of customers reported an improvement in their overall mood;
  • 95% of customers reported an improvement in overall performance; 
  • 91% of customers would buy MISSION again;
  • 94% of customers would recommend MISSION to a friend. 
  • "After the first couple of days of coffee cravings, the rest of the two weeks made me realise how little I actually need caffeine!"
  • "Tastes amazing! l now drink this over all other teas and energy drinks!"
  • "Better deeper sleep."
  • "No dip at the end of the working day. At the end of training, my mind was much clearer and aware."

Why take MISSION over any other tea?

We have used professional nutritionists to fill each tea bag or matcha stick with specific ingredients for a specific function (energy, focus, performance, endurance, recovery and sleep), testing them out on world record setting adventures. Used by over 20 GB athletes and winner of several sports nutrition awards.

Take a look at our site for more details and use the code NCC for 15% off your order. If your office is keen to try some, comment below and I’ll send a sample pack!

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