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MISSION - by Victoria Baskett

Written by: Tom Whittle 05 July 2018

We love hearing when people put our teas to the test. British 100m T44 para sprinter Victoria Baskett certainly knows the importance of incremental gains as she progresses towards her goal of Tokyo 2020. Here's what she had to say...

The 100% Natural Tea To Fuel My Extraordinary

From skincare to healthy eating, I love all things natural. I’ve grown up in a culture that suggests it’s bad to use something ‘potent’ or ‘synthetic’ to solve an issue without trying natural sources first – a little ironic considering how much I relied on hospitalised care throughout my childhood.

Even now, I would never suggest to avoid seeing a doctor, but if, for example, you’re feeling a bit under the weather and can’t quite pin down what it is, it might be worth heading to your local Holland and Barret or Natural Remedies Store for a possible solution before turning to something stronger.

As I’ve matured into young adulthood, I’ve also grown into this philosophy and since becoming a ‘regular’ athlete I’ve learnt to become even more conscious of what I’m putting in or on my body. This is especially true when it comes to what I eat and drink. Not only do I need to be wary of sugars and fats, but I also need to be sure that what I’m ingesting complies with International Doping Regulations.

“…the majority of what I eat has to have a purpose […] if it isn’t going to add to my health and wellbeing […] I will be questioning whether to have it or not.”

To me, the majority of what I eat has to have a purpose – a mind-set I’ve established more so in recent months. If it isn’t going to add to my health and wellbeing through nutrients, micronutrients or any other positive effect on the body, it’s safe to say that I will be questioning whether to have it or not.

A good example is coffee. I try to restrict myself to one to two coffee’s a week, aiming to treat myself to a thick cappuccino or an iced latte at the weekend. Why? Cows milk contains an additional fat that I don’t necessarily need, and coffee isn’t the best form of caffeine (or energy, for that matter) so I usually go for something completely different – fruit or herbal tea.

“After trying my first Matcha on a trip to Sheffield, I have to confess I never thought I would drink another.”

Tea’s are fantastic. Not only can they offer a great source of hydration but they also provide an excellent way to get added nutrients into your system without having to eat any more.

Benefits of Mission Tea

For example, Mission's Energise Tea contains Beetroot, a vegetable that has been scientifically proven to help increase performance due to its nitrate levels (Check out BEET IT for more info) as well as cocoa nibs (a well-known antioxidant) and Chinese Chunmee Green Tea, “…respected as the healthiest source of caffeine available.” I don’t always have tea in the morning, but if I do, this tea is a great way to start the day – giving me the same uplifting feeling as a cup of coffee without the guilt.

 As well as the Energise tea, I have fallen deeply in love with their Recover blend. A caffeine-free, stress reducing drink, this is my new favourite beverage to have at the end of the day or after a hard session. Amongst other calming additions such as Lavender, Valerian Root and Tulsi (otherwise known as Holy Basil), Ashwanghanda, aka Winter Cherry, helps to make the tea an anti-inflammatory and stress reliever, whilst Ginko Biloba also helps to reduce inflammation and increase blood flow – perfect for sore, worked muscles.

Lastly, I have finally warmed to Matcha powder in the form of Mission's Endure Matcha Powder. After trying my first Matcha on a visit to Sheffield, I have to confess I never thought I would drink another. The one I tried was full of powder and, I’ll be honest, it tasted absolutely grim – don’t believe everything you see on Instagram, folks! But when I tried Mission's own version, I was hooked. Using only half a teaspoon of this magic powder, the benefits are incredible and it genuinely tastes good.

“My inner Natural Remedy Enthusiast was thrilled when I discovered Mission. I was and am truly delighted to know that the range of healthy teas I can enjoy is no longer simply mint or chamomile…”

Mission's Matcha uses a powdered form of Ceremonial Grade Japanese Green Tea that offers high portions of L-theanine – an amino acid that helps to give a sustainable, slow release energy boost, rather than a sudden spike in vitality. It’s also high in catechins which help to burn fat rather than muscle for energy. On top of its green-tea base, the Endure Matcha Powder also contains Yerba Mate (which is found to increase cardiovascular oxygenation during exercise), Siberian Ginseng,  Baobab (a superfood containing more anti-oxidants than any other whole fruit, 4x more potassium than bananas and 6x more Vitamin C than in oranges!), Maca and Pea Protein (a low fat and vegan-ready protein) as well as a bunch of other tasty fruit, herbs and spices.

My inner Natural Remedy enthusiast was thrilled when I discovered Mission. I was and am truly delighted to know that the range of healthy teas I can enjoy is no longer simply mint or chamomile (no offence, to either of them) and that the benefits of the small details are taken seriously in this company’s eyes. What can seem silly or insignificant to the every day person (and often my boyfriend!) really does add up and, frankly, if there is anything I can do to enhance myself to be better than the competition (my past self included) whilst abiding by the rules, I am definitely going to do it.

Thanks for reading!

Source: https://diaryofaparaathlete.wordpress.com/2018/04/23/athletic-tea-review/