7 tips to fuel something extraordinary from home this lockdown

Posted By Tom Whittle

When routine changes, it’s easy to let our mind + body be thrown into negative habits. However, we see lockdown as a great opportunity to build more physical and mental strength, plus have some fun too. See below our top tips. 

1. Drink less caffeine

In moments of boredom or stress, it’s all too easy to turn to coffee. It tastes great and makes us feel temporarily better. However, the dopamine in our brain slowly fades away and lets adenosine rush back in - causing a huge crash. To read more about the crash, click here.

It’s best to try to keep caffeine below 150mg a day during lockdown. A coffee can contain anywhere between 100-400mg of caffeine. It’s always hard to tell as brands don’t pay for caffeine testing. We are the only UK tea or coffee brand to do this so you know exactly what’s going into your body each time you drink Mission. 

For a gentle release of energy we recommend our Energise, Perform or Hydrate blends. EGCG, present in Green Tea and Yerba Mate, slows the rate at which we process caffeine and therefore creates a more calm, focused energy.

2. Commute

We believe that the ‘commute’ to work is still an important tool in our day. Even if it’s walking / getting on your bike / a jog around the block, to arrive back at home and begin your morning routine. The NHS suggests that starting your day as you do normally helps stop the lines between work and home life being blurred.

3. Keep hydrated

Just 1% dehydration can have a significant effect on physical and mental performance. Try to drink at least 2 litres of water per day and throw in natural electrolytes. Our Hydrate blend has 50mg of natural electrolytes with added Himalayan Pink Salt. You can take this cold on a run or as a matcha latte to warm up at home.

4. Take regular (tea!) breaks

We’re working more than ever, with less breaks and longer hours staring at screens. ‘Zoom fatigue’ has set in and with the days getting ever shorter, productivity can start to dwindle earlier in the daytime. Taking a 5-minute break every hour to make a cup of tea or go for a quick walk will help your focus and re-set your productivity.

5. Stretch

If you can’t get away from your desk, it’s still important to alter our posture or do some simple stretching exercises. Refocus your eyes by looking out of the window, or at something far away for a few seconds.  To discover the best stretches from your desk, click here.

3. Go screen free

At the end of the working day, one of the best tips for relaxation and unwinding is to put away our phones and laptops. Try to take at least 2 hours to go completely screen free. We try to go for a run or walk, do a workout, read a book, listen to a podcast or spend some time cooking.

7. Chill out

Our tagline is Fuel Your Extraordinary - we want people to achieve more than they think is possible and we’ll always try to champion that. However, sometimes you shouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself. An elite athlete incorporates rest into their routine religiously and we should do the same with our minds. Call a friend, walk, eat some chocolate, watch tv, drink a caffeine free tea and enjoy the present moment. We’re all lucky to be here - try to make the best of it.

Anything we’re missing here and is working really well for you? Let us know!