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Welcome to natural, sustained energy!

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Hi, I'm Tom, founder of Mission tea. In 2016 I quit my job in Law to cycle the length of South America to raise money for charity. I initially fuelled my journey with your usual go-to energy supplies: coffee, energy drinks and gels. It was terrible.
Unbearable stomach cramps, caffeine crashes and energy slumps were making my cycle trip gruelling, not easier. Arriving in Argentina, I noticed everyone was drinking something very different as their go to tea: Yerba Maté. Sitting at a roadside café one day, a local was kind enough to offer me his and I felt incredible riding my bike for the next few hours after drinking it. I felt light, energised and focused without any of the negative side-effects I had been experiencing when drinking coffee and energy drinks. My trip, and my life was transformed from that moment on.
When I returned to the UK, I knew I had to start Mission with the goal of bringing natural, sustained energy as an alternative to coffee and energy drinks. I worked with nutritionists, sports scientists and master tea blenders to produce a range of high performance teas that can help fuel you throughout your day.
To put them to the test, I ran the length of Iceland (17 marathons in 10 days) in a world-record setting time using the teas to fuel me. Since then, our teas have been taken over four million times or, as we like to say, fuelled over four million extraordinary moments! Here's five reasons why I'm excited for you to try Mission and join the natural, sustained energy revolution:
Get 20% off your first order with code ENERGY20 (limited time offer)

1. We’re solving the world’s caffeine problem

We believe that the world has a caffeine problem. Thanks to the popularity of coffee and energy drinks, too much caffeine is readily available. People are consuming far too much of it, which results in negative side-effects like stomach cramps, energy crashes and insomnia. Our goal is to tackle this.

Our bestselling coffee alternative Energise is helping more and more people dodge caffeine’s nasty side effects. With 14mg of caffeine in each Energise teabag, we allow you to take the more sustainable, little and often approach to caffeine – leading to no side effects while still allowing room for a daily coffee too.

2. Our blends help you to achieve all your goals

Whether you want to Perform better or Recover harder, Energise your day or Hydrate post-workout, find a deeper state of Calm or enhance your Sleep, our range of teas are expertly designed to fuel you throughout your day. All of our teas have the added benefit of being able to be drank hot or cold, so you can enjoy natural energy all year round, whatever the weather! 


Get 20% off your first order with code ENERGY20 (limited time offer)

3. We're taken by the world's best

We're proud to say that some of our biggest fans are world-leading athletes - we help fuel Premier League footballers, the England Cricket Team, F1 racing teams and GB athletes with our high-performance teas. 

4. Our customers love us 

We care deeply about our customers and have built up a base of loyal fans who are passionate about our products. We closely listen to customer feedback and incorporate it into our products. We recently redesigned our sleep tea formula from matcha powder into tea-bag form based on requests we received from our customers. Our dedication to high-quality, effective tea blends and excellent customer service is why we receive such excellent reviews. 



Get 20% off your first order with code ENERGY20 (limited time offer)

5. We're people and planet first 

Our teas work the way they do because of the natural properties our ingredients provide. Mission is rooted in nature and, within an industry known for its unsustainability, we want to work as hard as possible to help preserve it. We use plastic-free teabags and right now we’re trialling fully compostable packaging, we’re pledging to be free of single-use plastics by the end 2022. When it comes to the ingredients we use, we only source from estates and farms where sustainability and social standards are taken seriously.

How will we help fuel your extraordinary? 

We made it easy to try us through our Discovery Bundle - simply select which tea blends you would like, and we'll deliver them directly to your door. Start fuelling your extraordinary today! 

Get 20% off your first order with code ENERGY20 (limited time offer)



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