25,000 km Powered By Tea

When cycling the length of South America, our Founder, Tom, struggled hugely with the spikes and slumps in energy from coffee and sugar based drinks. In Argentina, he discovered yerba mate - a longer lasting, more sustainable source of energy. Teaming up with some of the world’s leading nutritionists and master tea blenders, he combined yerba mate with other natural ingredients to create Athletic Tea - the world’s first tea specifically blended to enhance athletic performance.

 We tried over 500 blends of tea with the goal of creating a slow, steady release of energy for everyday athletes and we are keen for you to try it too.

Forget the crashes of coffee and energy drinks - take your endurance energy to a new level

Customer reviews


“If you’ve had enough of sugary sports drinks Athletic Tea Co is a must-try. Massively impressed with the effort that has gone into each blend, but in particular the pyramid bag Performance tea cold brewed!”


“A great alternative to coffee! Keeps me feeling energised and focused throughout the day! Highly recommended!”

100% Natural Ingredients

Our Tea is 100% Natural Specially Blended For Long Lasting Energy and Performance

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