#StayHome Trial Bundle

Try each blend for one month to see which suits you.

All Day Routine

Fuel your extraordinary all day every day.

Morning Routine

Replace your morning coffees for slow, sustainable energy.

Evening Routine

Anti-inflammatory adaptogens to soothe mind + body.

Immunity Bundle

Stay strong and keep defences high.

Athlete Bundle

Everything an athlete needs for sustained performance.

Energise: Cocoa + Ginger

Replace coffee for a slow release of energy.

Focus: Guarana + Beetroot

Take to increase mental clarity for sustained periods.

Perform: Lemongrass + Mint

Take pre or mid workout hot or cold.

Endure: Orange + Maca

Take to hydrate pre or mid workout hot or cold.

Recover: Berry + Ashwagandha

Take to soothe mind & body.

Sleep: Turmeric + Lavender

Take to enhance your sleep and improve overall performance.

Sample Pack

Try one of each of our blends.

Thermos Flask

Premium plastic free bottle. Hot for 24h cold for 48h.

Sports Bottle

Premium quality bottle which will last for years.

Gift Card

Give the gift of choice.