Hard work and training are key but so is recovery. This blend has been created specifically to help aid your body's natural repair and encourage it to take care of itself. We have used soothing ingredients known for their anti-inflammatory properties such as Rooibos, Ashwaghanda + Gingko Biloba, combined with the restorative combination of Strawberry, Lavender + Valerian root to help you unwind.

Recover: Berry + Ashwagandha
Berry + Ashwagandha Recover £5.99 / 10 Servings

Blended specifically for recovery. Includes caffeine-free Rooibos and restorative anti-inflammatory ingredients to help soothe. Served in our innovative plastic-free teabags hot or cold.

Discovery Bundle
Try every blend and save 20% Discovery Bundle £30.00 / 60 Servings

The perfect way to try each of our six innovative blends to fuel you from morning to night.