Biodegradable Pyramid Bags

Our blends are available in two formats, plastic-free teabags or individual powder sachets called Matcha sticks. On this page you will find our Energise, Perform and Recover blends served in our innovative biodegradable corn-starch pyramid bags. Simply add hot or chilled water to the bag to receive the benefits of our expertly selected ingredients. Our blends are incredibly high quality and we often find ourselves topping up with fresh water up to 2-3 times per bag for a virtually caffeine free refreshment. Buy each blend individually or join our subscription box which offers a minimum 35% off.

Energise: Cocoa + Ginger
Cocoa + Ginger Energise £5.99 / 10 Servings

This blend is designed to be taken at the start of the day as a replacement to high sugar, high caffeine energy drinks or coffee. Create a calm and steady natural energy release with Green Tea, whilst Beetroot and Cocoa Nibs improve cardiovascular efficiency.

Recover: Berry + Ashwagandha
Berry + Ashwagandha Recover £5.99 / 10 Servings

Blended specifically for recovery. Includes caffeine-free Rooibos and restorative anti-inflammatory ingredients to help soothe. Served in our innovative plastic-free teabags hot or cold.

Perform: Lemongrass + Mint
Lemongrass + Mint Perform £5.99 / 10 Servings

This blend is designed for sustained athletic performance and as a replacement to high sugar, high caffeine energy drinks or coffee. Using Yerba Mate and Green Tea to use fat rather than muscles for energy results in a more sustainable release of energy. Spearmint and Gotu Kola also enhance cognitive performance, specifically by improving reactive agility and mental acuity.