Looking for a sugar-free, healthy coffee alternative to help increase focus? Our Focus Guarana + Beetroot powder includes Organic Ceremonial Grade Japanese Matcha Green Tea to create a steady, calm and focused energy. Unlike our Energise blend, it is available in an individual Matcha stick pack which means it's perfect for having on-the-go, mixing into a bulletproof Matcha or simply using with water or milk for a natural energy boost.

Focus: Guarana + Beetroot
Guarana + Beetroot Focus £6.99 / 10 Servings

This blend uses 100% natural nootropics to increase concentration and alertness. Matcha Green Tea, Guarana, Beetroot, Ginger and Greed Cardomom help you to be at your best. Served as a powder via our innovative Matcha sticks, can be mixed with water or milk. A great alternative to coffee or sugar-based energy drinks.

Discovery Bundle
Try every blend and save 20% Discovery Bundle £30.00 / 60 Servings

The perfect way to try each of our six innovative blends to fuel you from morning to night.