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Running Events You Can Still Sign Up to in 2021

At Mission we are all about fuelling extraordinary. Running a long way is how this company was formed. To inspire more people to push themselves, we've decided put together a list of a few of the most exciting, scenic, challenging and extraordinary trails taking place in the UK that you can still sign up to in 2021!

Running Events You Can Still Sign Up to in 2021

Running Events You Can Still Sign Up to in 2021

Written by: Yasmin Li 10 August 2021

With a bit more of normality coming back into our lives, here's 5 running events you can still sign up to in 2021:

1. RunFestRun, Hampshire. Known as the 'best running party in Britain'. Choose from multiple beautiful adventure runs through a variety of terrains during this amazing weekend full of fun. 27-29th August 2021. Distances: 2.5km, 5km, 10km, Half/Full Marathon, Fun Run.

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2. Thames Path Challenge, London. Over 3000 adventurers starting from Putney Bridge, heading upstream on an unforgettable ultra-weekend. 11-12th September 2021. Distances: 25km, 50km, 100km.

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3. The Henley 10K, London. A 10km loop (walk, jog or run) through Remenham countryside with a finish line near Henley Bridge. 12th September 2021. Distances: Toddler 2km, 10km.

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4. Great South Run, Portsmouth. One of the most iconic races in the British calendar, a journey through the historic city of Portsmouth. 17th September 2021. Distances: 5km, 10m, Junior 2.5k, Mini 1.5k.

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5. South Coast Challenge, Eastbourne. One of the countries best backdrops to challenge yourself against. 4-5th September 2021. Distances: 25km, 45km, 55km, 100k.

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Let us know if there's any other events you can recommend in the comments! 

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