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Posted By Tom Whittle

Energy dips negatively affecting your performance? Tired of the afternoon slump after sugar-based energy drinks and coffees? I know the feeling well. 

What if there were a more natural way to keep energy levels consistent and remain at your peak? Below you will discover the way the solution to the problem, achieving remarkably higher performance levels as a result. 

My name is Tom and I used to have exactly the same problem of spikes and slumps in energy.  In 2017, I found myself on top of the Andes, Chile, tugging a 40kg bike uphill through snow at 4,000m. I’d slept for less than 4 hours every night that week and felt like I had nothing left to give. 

Two months earlier I’d started my attempt to cycle the length of South America for charity. 12 hours of cycling a day for 300 days. I was going to need energy all day but I wasn’t getting it. I used sugar-based energy drinks and coffee all day long to fuel myself but this resulted in unsustainable, spikes and slumps in energy. As a result, I was struggling to make my daily target distance and falling behind the plan.

If I was going to cycle another 10,000km, I knew I had to address the problem of my energy levels. Coming off the snow and into Argentina, I quickly found the solution and everything changed. At first, when I felt an energy crash coming on, I'd take another energy drink – but this just resulted in a bigger sugar crash down the line. I then tried the strong local South American coffee but, after an initial peak, that just resulted in a caffeine crash. 

That’s when I discovered yerba mate – the answer I was looking for. 

Yerba mate (pronounced yer-bah mah-tay) is a lightly caffeinated tea which can be taken hot or cold. It’s key is a high amount of theobromine, which not only has been shown to increase endurance, but crucially maintain energy and focus for several hours, rather than just one (like sugary energy drinks and coffee). 

After taking this drink I realised how bad the alternative options we have for energy are. They are all focused on short term gain for long term pain. When we take a sugary energy drink, our glucose levels spike, causing the body to produce a large amount of insulin an hour later – this results in the dreaded ‘sugar crash’. When we take a high amount of caffeine, our brain produces a large amount of dopamine (making us feel great), although this blocks adenosine receptors for around an hour. When the dopamine wears off and the adenosine floods back in, we feel a large dip in energy levels – the ‘caffeine crash’. 

All along I’d been fueling myself with ‘energy’ drinks but this really wasn’t what I needed for long term energy. The NHS daily recommended allowance of sugar (30g) is in one standard energy drink and a regular Starbucks coffee can contain up to 379mg of caffeine (79mg over the NHS recommended daily allowance). I was taking a few energy drinks and a few coffees a day. No wonder I’d been struggling on the bike.

Once I stopped taking energy drinks and coffee all together, only using yerba mate and other local teas, my performance on the bike transformed. I was covering almost double the daily distance and sleeping well, ready to go again the next day. I completed the ride in 299 days and was excited by my new discovery.

When starting to drink yerba mate and other natural plant-based ingredients, I realised that not only does it improve energy levels significantly but you can also increase focus, endurance, recovery and sleep. 

That’s why I created MISSION. A range of teas designed to improve overall performance. They can be taken hot or cold and come in biodegradable tea bags or matcha sticks. 

When I got back to the UK I put all my time and the remainder of my savings into producing a range of teas designed to enhance every part of the active person’s daily routine. To test the first batch of products, I took them to Iceland, running 17 marathons in 10 days and achieving a new Guinness World Record as a result. The teas were essential to the expedition – from an energise tea in the morning, endure through the afternoon and recovery at night – and I took no sugar based energy drinks or coffees on the trip.  

MISSION makes keeping a consistent energy level all day so much easier. Whereas I used to have energy crashes all day and then sleep for 4 hours a night, I now have consistent energy throughout the day and get a full 8 hours. 

Used by over 20 GB athletes, winner of Runner's World Sports Nutrition Product of the Year 2019, Women's Running Best Value Nutrition Drink 2019 and 2 Great Taste Awards. 

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