Avoiding The Sugar Crash

Written by: Tom Whittle 05 February 2019

Today we’re talking about the elephant in the room — in every room: sugar.  Just seeing the word might make you salivate.  Or perhaps you’ve become ultra aware of what an evil force it can be, and the word makes you cringe now.  Regardless of where you are in your relationship with sugar, the same problem presents itself to all of us:  It’s in everything — including your beverage.

This sweet crystalline substance has become increasingly hard to avoid, as even the ‘healthiest’ products on the market can contain upwards of 10+ grams per serving.  That flavoured, pick-me-up latte you grabbed after lunch?  Yep.  Your go-to energy drink?  Absolutely.  The Coca-Cola you grabbed for the caffeine boost? That one’s a given.  And the cold-pressed fruit juice you grabbed on the go?  This one might hurt, but you’re looking at 50 grams per bottle

The problem:

As it turns out, your ‘pick-me-up’ drink is in fact doing the opposite.  When you consume too much sugar, your body produces insulin very quickly, causing an initial spike.  Think, sugar high.  But within a few hours, glucose levels drop, resulting in the dreaded but familiar, energy-sucking sugar crash.  

So if you’re wondering why you want to fall asleep at your desk even after sucking down that seemingly promising beverage, this is why.  And the symptoms don’t end at tired.  You may also feel dizzy or lightheaded, weak, unable to focus, irritable, and yes, even hungry.  Any of these sound familiar? 

The solution:

By just swapping out a sugary beverage with something more sustainably energising, you can avoid the crash and all the symptoms that come along with it.  Our teas, all made from yerba mate, green tea, rooibos and matcha, are not only sugar-free, but also low in caffeine and high in L-theanine, providing you with a longer-lasting period of energy and alertness — all while avoiding a crash. See the  difference in energy distribution between the two beverage categories below:

As you can see, there's very little benefit to consuming sugar-based or caffeinated beverages.  The short-lived high just isn't worth the fast-plunging, and often intense low.  Opting for a slow-release kind of energy, like those found in our MISSION blends, will allow you to go through your day without a crash of any sort.  And to boot, by consuming less of these sugary beverages, you'll also reduce your daily calorie intake (our teas are 0-3 cals per serve). 

Try swapping out your favourite sugar-based drink with our tea and notice the difference immediately.  Share your experience with us in the comments!