5 reasons to add Energise tea to your routine

Written by: Will Webster 10 December 2021
Mission's Energise tea, alongside packet and ingredients

Energise is our bestselling blend. Providing a calm, steady and sustainable energy release, it’s a popular alternative to coffee and energy drinks – without the side effects that often come with taking too much caffeine!

Here’s why you should make Energise a staple part of your daily routine:

1) Experience natural, sustainable energy

In a world filled with high-caffeine, high-sugar options, natural, sustainable energy is hard to come by – but what better way to fuel our busy lives?

Energise’s four main ingredients, Chunmee green tea, ginger, cocoa and beetroot, have been selected to provide energy in a sustainable way – that is not a surge and crash – and with longevity, too. Which is why as well as a calm energy release, Energise also improves brain function to boost productivity + concentration.

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2) Ditch caffeine’s nasty side effects

Exceeding your recommended daily intake of 300mg or taking too much of the stuff in one go through high-caffeine drinks, like coffee, can often lead to caffeine’s all too famous side effects – energy crashes, poor sleep and anxiety, to name a few – taking over. Replacing a few of your daily coffees with Energise can make a world of difference.

3) Plastic-free tea bags

Energise, like all of our blends, is made using responsibly-sourced ingredients; we only work with farms that pass social and sustainability standards. Not only that, our Energise tea bags are plastic-free – made from 100% biodegradable cornstarch.

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4) Take hot or cold

Whether you’re at home or on the go, in need of something to warm you up or something to cool you down, we’ve got you covered. Energise – like many of our other teas – can be taken hot or cold. You’ll experience its sustainable energy release and same great taste no matter which you choose, so we’ll leave that up to you!

5) It tastes great!

When we tell people about Energise we tend to always lead with its energy-giving gifts, but make no mistake, it tastes great too! If you haven’t tried it yet, you can expect a green tea with cocoa nibs and a hint of ginger – another reason why it’s a Mission favourite!

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